Monday, July 3, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Nurture My Health

             Become An Ally To Your Heart

           July 27- The day I get a right knee replacement
There is less than a month to nurture my body in preparation for this common, but nevertheless mind blowing experience. 

  There is light coming through indicating that my health will actually improve once this surgery heals. 
First item of business is; steady my mind. 

My heart needs my mind to become an ally. Where there is fear, let there be surety that I have prepared. Where there is dread, let there be calm that in the moment I can relax and let go. 

Have you ever called yourself on the phone? I called my number from my husband's phone and left an uplifting message. I plan on playing it again and again to replace negative self talk with a soothing voice of reason. 

I hope to replace many more things in the next months including the knee.

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  1. I've had an ACL repair and am mending now from an Achilles tendon repair. Though I've not had any replacements, I know a little of the experience of healing. Of being content--even celebratory--over baby steps. Of self talk. Of gratitude (I thank my other knee daily for bearing a double load. Of learning to be patient with yourself. And then learning it all over again the next time. And of the loneliness (I mean to be honest, not discouraging) of the long haul. I want to help support you in your recovery. I'm emailing you now...


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