Monday, July 17, 2017

Nurturing My Health- Working With Health Practitioners

Do you ever feel guilty when going to the doctor? 

You know what I mean. They are going to comment on what you eat, what you weigh, and how much you exercise. What does the nurse do first as you go into the treatment room? She weighs you and then takes your blood pressure. Huh? I always comment that those two procedures should be reversed. 

   Seriously, I've been visiting many health practitioners lately as I am a few days away from a knee replacement. Nurturing my health is up in my face. So, I am trying hard to cooperate. Team "me" consists of my surgeon, my GP, my acupuncturist, the many great nurses, and of course my family. They all want the same outcome, a healthy, walking woman who is ready to go on with life. I don't lie to my team but I find I use a narrative that makes me feel good about myself. Yes, I am addicted to sugar. But, I don't smoke or drink alcohol. I eat really good food. (Just too much of that good food.) I want to try a more plant based diet. ( I plan all my meals around what meat is defrosted.) What do I have to say to get a gold star from that team member? I think I need a change of perspective. I am not working for them, they are working for me. I am the responsible party in our relationship. So, to nurture my health I need to do what they say but more importantly, see them as kind loving support while I take the reins. 

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