Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas In Germany

Christmas in Germany just looks more festive because of the traditions that foster maintaining the heritage of the past. Here are some photos of the Mama Daughter and family exploring the Christmas market in Nuremberg.

Nuremberg has one of the most famous markets. It opens on the first Friday before Advent with the Christmas angel giving her blessing. The stalls are carefully maintained and standards of beauty and tradition are applied for every vendor.

     The old remnants of the past give guests the sense of the historic events which transpired here and changed the common man's future.
    Items that are sold range from traditional Christmas baking to ornaments for the Christmas tree. The lights and reflection of light make these markets warm in a rainy, cold winter.
   My step-grandson was telling me of some of the delicacies he has tried lately. White chocolate dipped Lebkuchen sounded heavenly. And marzipan is sold everywhere, formed into shapes or covered with chocolate. How good could that be?  

         Christmas in Germany is for children. They are invited into a fairyland of fun and frolic. And all children are alike in their open embrace of adventure.
    As the sign says below, on the right, there must be an "Ausgang". A place to exit is an important feature when the wallet is empty, feet are tired, and children are exhausted.

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