Saturday, December 10, 2011


   Our little town provides variety for shoppers and those who would like to try a little something new. A generous gift certificate from a new friend brought me into an organic, vegan restaurant called Pure.
 I have not wandered in before this because, truth be told, I am not adventuresome. My daughter-in-law makes great gluten-free food and she has given my palette new adventures with new grains and vegetable combinations. My need to go farther afield has not surfaced.

     But thanks to meeting a dedicated fan we had the chance to sample the menu.

     The raw, vegan pizza looks and tastes fresh and savory.

    The pies are dairy free, gluten free and raw. Sound strange? Hmm, they are delicious.

     I am glad the waiting is done and I have tried PURE. It was worth it and I shall have to have more pie soon.

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