Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Freshmen Day

    We invited our incoming Freshmen to seminary this week. This gives them a way to acclimatize to the culture of early morning scripture study. We taught them how to FEAST (Find, Explain, Apply, Share, and Testify) in the Standard Works.

                                                      These are the incoming brethren.

   After a day reading the visions of Zechariah we reviewed what we learned the next day using one of our favorite games called Scripture Man.

                        The winner was Michael who was thrilled to win another chocolate croissant.

   Next year should be much more animated and energetic. I love taking before and after pictures so here is what they look like when they first arrive.

And here they are all perky and filled with the light of the gospel.


  1. Would you mind sharing instructions for the Scripture Man game? Sounds like FUN! I am starting my first round of early morning seminary on Monday and would love to incorporate some fun things to get them "hooked" right away.
    Thank you!

  2. Could you give some explaination on how you start FEAST? I think this will be someting that I might use to teach the new youth curiculum in Jan. You can contact me at
    Sharon Haynie

    1. This activity has it's genesis with my Seminary Supervisor. I have adapted this activity to my seminary class of 6 students.
      F is for find a scripture that means something to you. My students start seminary with clean scriptures and very few favorite places underlined and annotated. As the year progresses I see that they can open their scriptures and find a favorite passage much quicker.
      E is for explain the scripture. Can they talk about the meaning, the context, the people writing the verses? We FEAST and afterwards share what we've learned.
      A is for apply the scripture to our own lives. This is also a skill which grows with practice. If the verse they find has meaning to them they can usually find a way to apply the teaching, the principle, or doctrine.
      S is for share which we do in a 10 minute devotional every morning.
      T is for testify. Bearing testimony often comes as they tell about their scripture but sometimes it feels right to actually testifiy that they know the principle is true. I don't force this process but point out when I hear a testimony emerge in their discussion.
      This blog post explains this process once again.

  3. In you May 2012 entry you shared a link for scripture man. The link isn't working anymore and I would SO appreciate a full sized game board for the game. I tried to blow up the image you have here but it is so pixilated that it is illegible. Please share it with me if you have it. Thank you.

  4. I have reposted the templates on this newer post. I’m glad it works for you.


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