Monday, May 28, 2012

Scarcity or Abundance

   When changing eating behaviors I find I must make a decision to see my choices stemming from a place of scarcity to abundance. It is all in my head and my head must see the abundance around me and learn to see all the choices of food which I can eat without reservation. Gone are the days of hanging out in bakeries, now I find eye-candy in places like this.

   Our Farmer's Market is brimming with huge radishes, bok-choi, chard, turnips and so many varieties of salad greens. Trying to decide which farmer to buy my produce from gives me some anxiety. Too much stimulation makes me hurry to make a decision. I find I need to prepare to go to the market. Get some cash, look at everyone's stuff first, decide what I want on my table this week, choose one new thing, and enjoy the abundance of food and people.

   Next time I am going to get brave and take some pictures of the produce, up close. I feel shy about snapping pictures right in front of someone's face but I don't think the turnips will mind. I suppose they could turn-up their noses at me.

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