Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Can the Zoo Teach Us?

   Yesterday was my first visit to the Zoo this year. I buy a membership and then I can take all the Grandkids many times during the year. The Music Man's kids were the first to go. It was the first visit for my Moonbeam. She wanted to see tigers but was unprepared when he walked right up to the window and looked into her eyes.

    Going to the zoo often allows me to learn more about wild animals and the part man plays in their protection. Snow Leopards are rare and very difficult to track and photograph in the wild. There are two new cubs in residence. We watched as they played with the keepers, learning to pounce and jump.

    It was not all about cats, we watched many adventures in the aquarium. This was a handy place to go to when it rains. Sharks are fed at 11:00am and they dine fine. They get better seafood for lunch than I ever get going out to eat. I was transfixed with the many colors.

    The next day I was still thinking wildlife and I had a lesson to prepare from the Book of Ezekiel.  I noticed how this prophet was asked to use everyday objects to teach the Jews what God desired of them while exiled in Babylon. To get started I gave my early morning guests some stickers and asked them to create a gospel parable. Here are their creations:

    The laws of the jungle are not the ways of God. His thoughts are higher and you have to seek after him to live on higher ground. (Isaiah 55)

    Don't jump from the safety of your family den to hang out with just anybody. Choose who you will serve and keep your promises. (Joshua 24)

   My Sophomore said this was the most fun day at seminary. Hmm...should I teach arts and crafts?

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