Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seven Little Words

My sister-in-law introduced me to a game on my phone called Seven Little Words. If you like Scrabble this will be fun for you and if you don't this game is still fun because it challenges your word knowledge. Of course, I saw how it could be used for Seminary.

   I like to involve my students as soon as they walk in and so this game was ready to play when the first two boys arrived. You need seven gospel words from your lesson and seven descriptions of those words. Avoid breaking up the words in syllables, that makes it too easy.

                            The descriptions or definitions of the words help lead into your lesson.

                   Although the word parts to be movable so that the student can experiment.

 I make my students get up and come to the front which keeps them from lounging in their seats and staying in sleepy mode.

   It was a hit and when one student came in late and asked if we could play games I told her she missed the game this morning. Ahh….be on time.


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