Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend At The Park

This Saturday, a gorgeous day, we went south to the city of Tacoma. We were going to the zoo but the park was full of wonder and delight.

      A family spilled out of this limo and we tried to guess what the occasion was. They were Hispanic so my best guess was that this girl was turning fifteen and she was celebrating a rite of passage day. The park was a photo stop for their special day.

     Autumn here is very warm so the trees are slow to change color. Contrasts were  becoming so obvious.

    I am so new to photography that I did not see the impact water had on this photo until I looked at the photo in my camera. Wow! Nature does most of the teaching in my experience.

   The ducks were sticking their entire bodies in the water to gobble up lunch. I clicked just as this guy came up out of the water.

     Even before we reached the zoo we saw creatures in their natural habitat. Who appeared in the bushes? A bandit interested in our treats.

   My only good zoo shot was this miniature tide pool. The starfish had such bright colors. Truly it was a visual delight all day long.


  1. lovely images. I especially loved the tree and its reflection and the one of the starfish but each is very nice. A great way to chronicle such an enjoyable day.

    1. Thank-you for commenting, Diane, I appreciate it.


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