Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Colored Pencils

   I recently purchased more colored pencils at my local office supply store. The problem is I keep buying the same colors because I love them, again. That is a universal problem with shopping. We are attracted to that which we were attracted to before.
   This is a drawing summer. I have my art supplies on the kitchen table so that I do some sketching everyday. I looked at some older sketches and found some I loved.

     I love this one because the old maple tree in the front yard is still there. It was removed more than ten years ago and although I love more light and less fall leaves, I miss the tree.

        This one reminds me of my little girl Genny. She had a shoe fetish when she was small. We actually found her in someone else's apartment trying on their shoes.

      More girl moments that bring back my two girls. Why are hats such an attractive prop to play with but a pain to wear?

     This sketch attracted me because of the gift bag. I cherished it for years and finally decided to draw it alongside my favorite candle, geode-stone, and hand lotion.
   You know you are getting old when your artwork comes out of hiding because you don't give a fig about being great.

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