Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On The Mat

   In the summer it is a treat to do yoga outside. Timing the right hour is important because behind my house there is privacy but also direct sun. It can get hot.

      Between 7-8am is perfect. I put down a piece of plywood, rollout my mat, and stack my props.
When I find a tall, stable seat, I sit. I listen. I feel, I close my eyes but see with my inner eyes how my body is doing.

   My shadow records the first balance of the day. As we get older our ears lose some of the ability to stay balanced. An average 20 year old can close their eyes and balance on one foot for up to 30 seconds. I can make it to 5 seconds before I fall out. With eyes open I do much better but each day is different. Just like life, some days are more balanced than others. The reason I searched for the six habits of happiness in my life was to maintain balance.Yoga provides my body the habit of moving.

   Warrior one is a powerful pose. The back leg stretches back, the forward leg bends and provides the counter-balance to the back leg. The arms are in opposition to each other reaching strongly.
Just like my habit of moving is in opposition to my habit of creating. One is physical; the other mental, but both balance each other.

    Do I fulfill all six habits everyday. Well…most days I do and those are the best days.

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