Monday, August 5, 2013


   Who invented the word toddler? I toddle about and it has been a month of Sundays since I was three. Actually, my mindset is a little like a toddler. I relate to their thinking. In observing my granddaughters I decided to present them with a few treasures and watch their reactions. I created some mystery surrounding their value and some instruction in how to play with them.

   I have a snail fossil which I hide in a clam shell on my mantle. It is smooth and mysterious and Emmaline likes feeling it. It is only given for short periods and it must be returned to it's home properly.

   A second treasure are the Russian nesting dolls. Now they make all toddlers giddy. The taking apart is a joy. The putting back together requires some serious coordination. We played with these many times a day….until….some parts went missing. I looked under tables, couches, toy bins,….everywhere.
   What would a toddler do with these when Grandma turned her back? Hmmm…

                                                 Duh!!! They were riding around town.

                                         I should have seen that coming…and going!

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