Friday, August 30, 2013

Zoodrops Are Falling On My Head

           Heading out to the zoo looked blurry yesterday. Aside from the fact the clouds were hanging close to the water, there was 100% of precipitation. Why go? Because two grandchildren were staying the night and two more were meeting us there.

        We stayed inside where it was dry and dangerous. Wow! Kali the tiger had grown a foot, or two.

                                             We couldn't avoid being eaten by the shark.

                                 The aquarium, in contrast to the gray outside, seemed fantastical.

Then, while we looked the other way, it started. First, a little drop of rain hit the ground. Then another drop of rain hit the ground. Then another, and another, and another and another, until finally the deluge drowned all sound.

But we came prepared.

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