Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

    I wonder where we would celebrate if all my children came together with us at Christmas. Two kids were out of state this year and deeply missed. Three joined us on the island. My wonderful friend let us use her house to accommodate the eight who came from off-island. The views above the marina were breathtaking.

    Having the twins with us this year was truly sweet. They gave enough smiles and cuddles to push any Christmas blues away. 

      Two grandmothers and two grandfathers wass certainly a nice way toy celebrate. A Lap was always available.

    My grandchildren took a walk through my art show currently still available at the Arts Center. Oma making art is something they except now as commonplace.

     Everyone received one gift. That left the anticipation to a minimum. Less makes the giving more precious.

     I wanted singing to be part of the festivities. We had our own little Christmas Kirtan with the Harmonium accompanying us.

    My trusty Apple laptop has each grandchild's pictures in a separate album. At Christmas I love to show each child their slideshow with music. We get a thrill seeing our lives go by in pictures.


    There were moments so precious and sweet. I hope to hold them dear for a long time.

        Christmas Day was dry and the boys went outside to throw the pigskin. What a view! People I love and nature in it's glory.

    Inside the sun played on the walls lighting up every corner. I was satisfied with our efforts to bring the spirit of Christ to our home, well, not exactly our home, but a beloved home which was certainly welcoming and bright.


  1. While perusing the LDS Seminary Teacher FB Group, I noticed a link to your Scripture Man activity. Lo and behold, there's my old friend, former Kent Primary President, JoySchool mom, etc. You're looking great, G! Nice to "see" you again.
    Carin F

  2. Hey Carin, it is nice to run into you. Are you teaching seminary?


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