Friday, August 14, 2015


   My daughter asked me if I thought I had a fixed ability to learn or if I thought my abilities were open to change and advancement. She was reading a book. A book that explored a fixed mindset and an open mindset. I did not hesitate. I know my capacity has no limits. My desire sets the limits. 

      There is a learning that takes place with the act of faith. It is different from book learning or teacher learning. It involves the Holy Ghost. The wisdom and intelligence that comes from that source is infinite. Faith activates the process and precedes the light. There are three words that accompany the experience. Assurance, Action, and Evidence are words that act like a circle to start the whole thing rolling. Perhaps we act on an inspiration, even though the way is dark. As we step out assurance comes to us through the Holy Ghost. It whispers, go on, and then we act with more confidence. As the light increases and our pathway becomes illuminated we see the evidence that we are making correct action. That brings with it more assurances and in consequence we act again. This is called learning by faith. It works better than learning by teacher or learning by book, although it helps to accelerate the process by having much learning as context to what the spirit reveals.

     I am a novice at learning by faith. But I can testify that it works and because I believe in that source with my whole heart, I feel my learning is not limited to what I can acquire from others.


  1. Learning by faith is something new to me too. I like this concept. It is almost a different type of literacy. I host a literacy hop on Mondays at . Please feel free to stop by and check it out and join us. This would be a great post to share with my readers. Thanks for stopping by today. :)


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