Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Writing Space

I am joining fellow writers on Kate Motaung's blog who are doing a bi-weekly online discussion group.We are using On Being a Writer: 12 Simple Habits For A Writing Life That Lasts by Ann Kroeker and Charity Singleton Craig. I am personally reading Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg as inspiration. 


      I come through the door, perspiration crawling down my neck and face. Changing clothes happens after I grab my laptop. My hair is wonky, gym clothes clingy but I start by setting up my desktop to write. Images scroll up first as I look through in I-Photo. For reasons I have not entirely scoured out, I can't write if I don't have a good image to precede my words. The image holds colors, textures, and white space that lets me breathe out word images.

   Once I have an image I make breakfast. Yogurt, blueberries with granola often sit by the little table next to my comfy chair. Ah, the writing chair is the best chair in the house. Facing away from the front window it floods me with light but it does not steal my gaze.

  Now I start pecking away at the keys on my laptop. Often I stop and put my hand under my chin and think. Ideas float around me like steam from my herb tea. I don't do caffeine but I do love a warm drink.
 What am I sitting with today?
 What brings me joy and makes me ribbistrate or what is gnawing on my conscience.

  There are themes in my life. I see them because the labels for my blogposts tell me what I write about most. Some are my artful life, my children and grandchildren, books that change my perspectives, and writing. Deeper themes weave through these blogpost labels, needing forgiveness, my reliance on Jesus Christ, not feeling good enough, and holding space for change. I may not have conquered these themes but they do not hold me hostage. Their grasp on my heart is manageable because I write about them. Processing the feelings by writing has made them understandable.

   My writing time is in the morning. Soon it will still be dark. My warm lights will have to be on and I will wear more layers to stay warm. But, there are less layers insulating my heart because I write.


  1. Morning is my best time to write, but taking the "mobile office" has me jotting down things all hours of the day and night.

  2. I'm a morning girl, too. But I've been known to steal away at all hours to write. Thanks for sharing.

    fyi- I'm not posting for these chapter, but my thoughts are in the comments at Kate's. Keep writing! :)

  3. i enjoyed reading this busyb, i especially enjoyed your word ribbistrate:)

  4. Writing Down the Bones was my first creative writing inspiration back in the 1980s, when I was in college, opening me up to the possibility that I might be a writer. I learned about freewriting and it truly did free me up to write with greater confidence. I, like you, began with the prompts in Writing Down the Bones to sort through many of the hard themes in my life. I'm glad you've found a healthy way to live and create.

    You have a knack for specificity in your writing. I see it throughout this post, as you mention your herbal tea and the yogurt, blueberries with granola. I'm particularly intrigued by your realization that you need a good image to get started. You wrote, "The image holds colors, textures, and white space that lets me breathe out word images." Beautifully said, and a practice that could be useful for others as they try to unleash their creativity.

    I noticed in the discussion at Kate's that you said you find your creative and artistic pursuits feed your writing life. You know yourself well. And it sounds like you balance your life, as well. I think you'll be encouraged to see in the "Surround" chapter that Charity does indeed invite many things into her life and doesn't focus exclusively on her computer screen, writing. In fact, just yesterday we went to the art museum together!

    Glad to get to know you a little and celebrate your writing!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Anne. I'm enjoying your book.

  5. Gabriele, beautiful post. I always love what you write and I felt I was sat watching you today, as you quietly, contentedly went about the business of understanding through writing. [Your line, "Their grasp on my heart is manageable because I write about them" resonated with me so much, because it's exactly how I feel]. Thank you (hoping I *can* leave this comment this time!)

  6. Beautiful blog and writer behind! I see the image of the clingy gym clothes...I write before working out...I see you write after. Lovely. I do love your art in the side bar...heading to look more closely at that now. I have art in my heart too. Love, Jenn C., Spot #1 next to you at Kate's page

  7. OK busy B, You left me hanging! Where is close ups of your art? Can you send me a link or blog about that with close up photos?! Challenge to my writer friend! Jenn

    1. Jennifer, you should be able to click on the painting at the top on the right hand bar. Thanks for your interest.


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