Monday, January 25, 2016

Mindful Monday- Progress

Pay Attention to where you eat, how you eat, and why you eat.

   I have made some progress this month on eating mindfully. My memory of the best meals is bright. Those were when I set the table, alone or with my family, and prepared my space to be pleasing and inviting. Prayer started me off to remember Him and thank him for my plenty which I can take for granted.
   I leave this table setting all day long. My eyes scan the bright colors and I look forward to the rest involved with taking time to eat, time for just eating, not reading, and not television. Have I mastered this habit? No, sadly many days I go back to escaping myself. Yes, I meant escaping my present experiences. Somehow along the path of bringing my family of seven to the table together each evening I lost the desire to cherish eating. I no longer elevated the time between my husband and I. He went off with his tray to the computer, in his office, and I hunched over my food while watching TV. Writing these words makes me feel the error of my ways. I'll be working on this for more than just January. When I pick up my theme of doing one thing at a time I will certainly circle back to mindful eating.

                             More about mindfulness here.


  1. What a beautiful place setting. My husband and I find that we really enjoy eating off of red plates. Food just looks more appealing and they say you eat with your eyes first. It is a little thing, but it does make eating more enjoyable. The Pioneer Woman has a set of red plates in her new line at Walmart.

    1. Red plates? Intriguing.... Do you eat with your husband at least once a day at the table?

    2. Yes, We eat diner at home Monday- Friday. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends. We usually go out for dinner on Saturday.

  2. That's great that you're seeing progress as you focus on mindful eating. The place setting is beautiful and I can see how getting into the pattern of eating without doing other things at the same time would make it more restful and also make it easier to appreciate what God provides.


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