Monday, January 11, 2016

Mindful Monday- Quotation

Pay Attention By Being Mindful

That is my title for the year. As I pay attention to the aspects of my life that I am ignoring or taking for granted I desire connectedness. Connectedness means taking responsibility out of love and desire to serve.

      This month I am trying to pay attention to my relationship to the food I eat. To see it, smell it and taste it as real nourishment to body and soul. How am I doing? I have had several very good moments. They were at the table and started with prayer. Real prayer, not the ramble of a memorized group of trite statements. And, it was nourishing. Then I had a bout of food poisoning. I struggled with whether this meal was staying in or whether it was coming out. That taught me a different lesson. My body tells me what I need. My hearing is bad. When it finally speaks with clarity and rather loudly, there is nothing to do but listen. I don't like connectedness that is coercive. It would be better to listen attentively and respond lovingly. Connectedness to my body is rising to the surface of my life. I welcome it. 

"Every reckoning starts with giving permission to engage with emotion. The next step is paying attention- taking a deep breath and becoming mindful of what we're feeling."
Brent Brown

More about mindfulness here.

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