Monday, July 4, 2016

Mindful Monday- What Is My Spirit Essence

       "The outer situation of your life, whatever happens there, is the surface of the lake. Sometimes calm, windy, rough according to the seasons. Deep down the lake is always undisturbed. Your inner peace does not depend on what happens on the surface."

This post begins the sixth month of exploring mindfulness. Everyday I look forward to learning more and there is so much more to learn. Looking back, I knew only that I had an unstable mind which often spaced out and which I wanted to control. 
You can read more about my Year of Mindfulness here.

   I believe we have a duality in our minds. At birth our spirits fresh from a pre-existent state with God entered our physical body. My spirit came with personality and gifts. Very quickly a veil of forgetfulness separated my spirit from memories of it's previous existence. Experiences throughout my life have layered over this spirit essence with misunderstood notions, protective defenses, and sticky deceptions about what I am. I call that view "The Natural Mind". But what am I below, or perhaps, above these layers?  What does my Spiritual Mind understand? How can I respond from that Spiritual Mind instead of react with my Natural Mind? These are questions I would like to explore this month.

Karen Davis explains it this way,

     "Who you are is a more vital teaching and a more powerful transformer than what you say and what you do. Being a light to the world happens when you are present now when you are operating from spirit because that is when you can look past forms and what is on the surface of others you come in contact with and connect with who they really are.

     I have always wanted to make a big difference in the world. Do something traveling to another land and building an orphanage. Making a “huge” difference in life is found within myself! When I am operating from my spirit, I am PEACE, things still happen all the time on the surface but I can enjoy or observe them but not become identified and attached with them. Practicing this is what makes the HUGE ripple and impact on the world because if I can operate from my spirit, then I can see through all the surface and outward appearances of those I come in contact with. When I am conscious I can give birth to Christ consciousness in those around me. And that is what is impactful!"

M. Catherine Thomas 

  " In the early stages of spiritual development, we are really seduced by the low energy thought-world of the Natural Man. It comes through our magazines, our TV, our movies-it saturates our environment. If we entertain enough of the world mind by passively absorbing it from our environment, we will have limited powers of discernment, fragile faith in Jesus Christ, and weak energies to nourish us on our journey. "

  " While we consider changing energies, we do not think that we will force ourselves to feel love or to think happy thoughts; we do not have to pretend love. Rather, we find that quiet neutral place in our mind, our state of simple being, and there we set our gentle intentions to be compassionate to all--even when our our expectations are not met. "

 Find that quiet neutral place in our mind, our state of simple being.

  I hope to answer all these questions during my Mindful Monday posts. Wow! That is a big endeavor. My reading of the experience of others and my own experiences in meditation and prayer will hopefully enlighten me enough to make progress. I have come a long way in six months. From the woman who mindlessly ran a red light, and almost caused a car accident, to a daily meditator and excited learner, I take great courage that I am on a better road to happiness. 
                                      Join me on Mondays, if you wish.

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