Monday, July 25, 2016

Mindful Monday- What I've Learned About My Spiritual Mind

                  What Does My Spiritual Mind Understand?

      This month has been an exploration of  how my mind works. Truly, I was exploring uncharted waters. Knowing very little at the start, I have some beginnings of truth.

Things I've Learned About The Spiritual Mind

-The Spiritual Mind responds to truth, D&C 93:23-24
-The Spiritual Mind is filled with intelligence, in other words, light and truth, D&C 93:36-37
-The Spiritual Mind is most accessible in Present Moment Awareness 
-The Natural Mind likes the past and the future
-The Natural Mind is unstable and inattentive to present sensory experiences
-When we betray ourselves in Present Moment Awareness we spin into past and future, justifying our thoughts and behaviors
-The Natural Mind desires to be the hero of our mental stories

   Years ago I learned the work of  C. Terry Warner. He opened my eyes to self-deception. My spirit essence responds to truth, but sometimes I do not choose to act on truth. When I stray I also set in motion the need to justify my alternate choice. With these thoughts I create self-deception. Curiosity about what is true and what is false opens up the path to allow my spirit mind to seek divine help to know "things as they really are, as they really were, and as they will be". The inward path is still strewn with weeds and the path is not well worn because I am just starting the daily practice, but I have hope. 

"Our distorted sense of right and wrong calls to us to do right toward others, to act as love dictates. Most fundamentally, we are beings bonded to one another by love. In self-betrayal we violate these bonds, deceive ourselves about who we really are, harden ourselves to what we feel is right, and live a lie. Our living connection with others calls us to let go of this lie and be who we really are."
      C. Terry Warner

           You can read more about my Year of Mindfulness here.

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