Monday, May 22, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Setting Limits

“We had entered an era of limitlessness, or the illusion thereof, and this in itself is a sort of wonder. My grandfather lived a life of limits, both suffered and strictly observed, in a world of limits. I learned much of that world from him and others, and then I changed; I entered the world of labor-saving machines and of limitless cheap fossil fuel. It would take me years of reading, thought, and experience to learn again that in this world limits are not only inescapable but indispensable.” 
Wendell Berry

May, for me, is a Month to nurture moderation. Setting limits gives me the freedom to maintain a moderate and healthy life. I would love to expound on the notion that we have no limits but, I fear, for me it is not so. So where do I limit myself?

Experience has shown me that tracking my food intake is very helpful. A mindset of limitless food intake is a death sentence. Sometimes I exceed my limits but having a goal is vital. There are some foods and drinks that I don't use at all. They have proven to take a huge toll on my health. 

  I started a bullet journal this month and a habit tracker page helps set more nurturing limits of how I use my time. Years ago I identified six habits of happiness for myself. These are still viable today and they make my days most enjoyable. 

   Moderation, in a crazy, fast world is nurturing. It may not be popular but it is sustainable over a long time. Even my six habits of happiness can be detrimental if I go to an excess. 

Five months of unpacking the word "Nurture" leaves me wanting more.

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