Monday, February 12, 2018

Spring Is Umkehr

Spring is definitely a return or 'ein Umkehr' to balance out Winter and Summer

Winter drives me in and summer drives me out. In between are the seasons where I feel more balanced. I look more intently at my meditation practice in the Spring. Can I focus on the sounds outside by cracking the window open? What are the birds singing about? Can I hear the trees moving?

I hope to deepen my practice not so much in length of time but in the quality of mindfulness I can bring to the moment. Often my mind uses my time to sort out the grievances I have with life. I bring myself back but then find it returning to issues beyond the moment. 

I intend to do better. Coming back to intentions from the past is not a setback but a reset.  Last Spring I found a better balance. I had sessions of real joy which sustained me throughout the day. I can remember the smells of the morning, how they wafted in the window and then distilled into other sensations. 
Welcome Spring! I'm so glad you are returning.

  February is destined to become a more mindful month. Click here to see some other Umkehr challenges from the past.


And, I thank-you for reading some of my mystery novel, Rubato. Judith, a piano teacher extraordinaire,  makes a decision which, upon reflection, changes the lives of others, not for the better.

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