Monday, January 1, 2018

My One Little Word for 2018 Is Umkehr (Return)

My word for 2018 is a word in my native tongue. 

Even though I was raised in the United States I grew up speaking German at home. There are many words which cannot fully be translated into English. Umkehr is such a word. My mother would use the word on our long walks. As we turned to retrace our path back home she would ask, "Sollen wir Umkekr machen?"
This word will invite me to return to things forgotten or abandoned temporarily. 

Umkehr  Um•kehr     
    (lit)  turning back  
 zur Umkehr zwingen    to force  to turn back   
geh   (=Änderung)  change  ,  (zur Religion etc)   changing one's ways

zur Umkehr bereit sein    to be ready to change one's ways  

"She went back to all that was comfortable and familiar while keeping her gaze looking ahead- to all that would be and could."
Colleen Attara

January- Return to a Healthy Diet

January 8- Inviting Back And Letting Go
January 15- Remembering Me
January 22- Trusting The Results
January 29- Eliminating The Problematic

February- Return to Meditation and Prayer 

February 5- A Vision of Umkehr
February 12- Spring Is Umkehr
February 19- Returning To Past Successes 
February 26- Consistency Versus Quality

March- Return To Writing Everyday
March 5- Editing
March 12- Fighting Resistance To Daily Writing
March 20- Starting Fresh Everyday

April- Umkehr To My Six Habits of Happiness
April 2- FOMO
April 9- Questions About Umkehr
April 16- Unused Creativity Is Not Benign
April 23- What If I Get Offtrack Again

May- Umkehr in Pictures
May1- Pictures of Trying Again
May 7- Using My Words On My Paintings
May 14- Returning To My Ancestors With Pictures
May 28- Looking At Pictures From the Past

June- Mid Year Progress Evaluation
June 3- Asking The First Three Questions
June 18- More Questions About Progress
June 25- Kein Umkehr, No Re-Entry

July- Playing with my Word Visually
July 8- Playing Artistically with my Word to Make it Visual
July 15- A Visual For The Cycle Of Change

Weekly posts will keep track of my return


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  1. Happy New Year, Gabriele! What a unique and interesting word you have chosen for this year. I look forward to reading about how it works out!


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