Sunday, May 15, 2011

From Germany

I can't say I've seen much of Germany because I am enjoying being at home with my Mama Daughter as we get to know my new grandson Ian Michael Finley

Ian is very sweet. He has this adorable little mouth much like his sister Olivia. His hair is dark and soft. He sleeps and eats, but when he is hungry he can squeal. I am happy to hold him.
Today Ollie and I went for a walk around the neighborhood.

 She notices everything and I found myself slowing down to see the world through her eyes. Many yards had ceramic animals, which she found fascinating. A few had little waterfalls which we heard as we walked around the streets. I smelled the strong scent of lilacs. Spring is fully developed here and the air is warm. Most yards had flowers, tulips and pansies.

I am Intrigued with the German windows. They open two ways. Wide like a cupboard and tipped open at the top. Covering the window on the outside are Rolladen, which are aluminum blinds that come down to block the window at night.
As I noticed on my last visit many windows have short white lace curtains. I purchased some in Berlin last visit because I wanted to remember the window decor.
I noticed a house on the walk with solar panels. This looked unusual for the neighborhood, but perhaps common in Germany.

The ward here has been very helpful to the MamaDaughter. They have been bringing dinners which make the work less.
Jet lag hangs on today and I find I am tired in the day and not at night. It should get better in the next days. Wiedersehen!!!

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