Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Mama Daughter

My first born is turning 36. It does not seem so long ago that I was anxiously awaiting her arrival. She was a week late and I was ready to give her life. I remember we didn't have a working car so our neighbor took us to the hospital. After she was born my husband would bicycle over to see me. She was the most beautiful baby. Everyone had to comment on her cuteness.
She was born with incredible self-will and insatiable curiosity.
 Those two personality traits have not been dimmed. And those traits were combined together with musical talent. Her voice and honest delivery have inspired countless people. She would deny her talent but nevertheless it is hers to use for the benefit of others..
She has been known to be a stinker. You know, the mischievous imp looking to make trouble. It was evident from day one and can on any given day rise to the occasion. However, there are achievements which have inspired me and continue to amaze me. She served a mission to southern Germany and when I traveled back to her field of service with her, I met so many people who were overjoyed to have her back.

I admired her desire to learn to snowboard. She went to the mountains by herself when no one could go with her. It tested her physical as well as emotional skill.
Thanks to my MamaDaughter I do yoga. She introduced me to this practice I love.
Now she lives in Germany and holds her family together while the Dad is deployed to a different foreign land. She has almost seven childre, four of them step-children. I am the old mother who is sure she is way to overwhelmed, but she constantly amazes me with stamina and that self-will she came with.

Last week in the last days of her pregnancy she took M. to Paris for his birthday. Not a shabby trip for your 15th birthday!
I wish the best to her as she brings little Ian, no.7, to this world and look forward to giving everyone a big hug when I get there.

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