Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Image to Accompany Breathing

    Part of my yoga practice is breathing and bringing my attention to my breath. I do this for two reasons; one, to give my mind a task so that it will be steady and stay in the moment, and two, to quiet my nervous system to prepare it for movement.
Breathing....You should try it!
A comment by Mary Catherine Bateson, an anthropologist and yoga lover, got me thinking about how the body and mind can move together and have the result intensify. She drew from the New Testament the words of Paul about Faith, Hope, and Charity. With every inhale breathe in Faith. Faith is a gift from God, we can't make ourselves, so let us imagine breathing it in, generously, for the faith God has no limit.
   With every breath, I take in remembrance of Christ's covenant with his Father to bring me home.
As I release my breath I imagine breathing out hope. My hope is that with my open heart I am enough.

As I breathe I visualize hope filling a bubble that can surround me and eventually engulf my whole being.

With this new cleansing breath I feel my spirit start to move towards.....what? Towards others. My husband, my children, my friends, my neighbors, and on.
Charity is the vehicle with which I can move my faith and hope forward.
In and out, on my yoga mat, I can practice this life giving breath so that off the mat I will remember my faith, my hope and will act in charity.
(The Spirit In Me Recognizes The Spirit In You)

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