Friday, June 10, 2011

Writing Tante Hanni's Story

So.... I have been writing this week; madly writing because I have a deadline.
I want to bind this book for someone's birthday July 8th. Pressure!!! 
This story is so compelling and the characters, who are real, want to sway me with their view of the events of my aunt's life. 

She left nothing in print, to my knowledge, so I am writing what others have recounted to me. Each person sees her differently and wants to spin the account to match their view. I thought I knew her. She was a huge influence on my life. But, as I write I am surprised over and over again by the complexity of her decisions. I long to talk to her, to ask why she did this and that. I invite you to read the unfinished tale and comment on my writing. In the next week it will be done. It may be a feeble effort but no one else seems to be up for the task.
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The story is in two parts so far.

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