Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moving On In My First Piano Adventures

My First Piano Adventures Students are moving into Book B. There is a huge lesson to learn in Book B which still applies to all levels. The lesson gives principles for sight-reading. Sightreading means to play through a piece for the first time.We can use the word CLAP to help remember the principles.
1. Count- count and clap the rhythm. Never having heard the song this counting gives the sense of time to a sight-reading piece.
2. Look- at the first note. Is it on a line or space? Find it on the piano. This principle sounds obvious but many students launch in without looking.
3. Attention- on what's next. Do the notes go up or down or stay the same? Looking slightly ahead of where you are actually playing requires attention.
4. Play- To begin set a steady beat by saying "1-2-3 Go." Playing very slowly allows the brain to process the information and send the signal to the fingers.
So what does CLAP stand for?
Count, Look, Attention, Play
As a parent you can help your child remember this skill just by allowing her to tell you what it means when we clap our hands in piano lessons.

The First Adventures Students are looking at how notes move on the staff.
We sometimes use the i-pad piano to play at the table while we read notes.
Are these notes going up or down?
N. gives his full attention to the moving notes.

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  1. Great ideas and I love the piano on the i-pad. Makes me want to get one.



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