Friday, June 24, 2011

Paintings of the Month for Spring

There have been some lovely paintings hanging above the fireplace this spring. We are doing "paintings of the month" with two local artists, Karen Dale and Ted Kutscher. The painting we are borrowing from Ted is a scene from Maine with Lobster boats in Early Morning.
Lobster Boats in Maine at Sunrise

His paintings are varied and full of life.

I haven't seen these three myself but they give a feel for his subjects.
Summer Fruit Stand in Front of Hardware Store
The one above is especially fitting right now, as the fruit stand is open this summer.

Ted has vibrant colors which appeal to me very much.

Our Karen Dale paintings have featured her new work and some older works she pulled out of hiding.
Chartreuse Tablecloth

Brass Teapot
This new work was a favorite to live with. I like that it has books by the side.I see all of my senses invited to attend. Beautiful words to read, beautiful taste to savor, lovely smell of citrus and tea, and the feel of the sun through the window.
That is what still life brings to me. A charming moment in an uncharming day.
Here is an older post with more "paintings of the month"

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  1. Very nice. I like the brass teapot one the best.


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