Friday, April 6, 2012

Bringing Nature In

I am sitting at my kitchen table, my Early Morning Guests have just left, and I am thinking how beautiful this Easter weekend is, already.

The daffodils in front of me are reaching their heads towards the light and straining to add even more sunshine to their expanding arms. I feel an unmistakeable surge of joy and on this feeling it is worth meditating.

   When other things in life seem out of control I turn to my faith in Christ and in the signs in nature which he provides that testify that he lives and can renew my very being.

   A still life, a life where we bring the natural world into our hearts and homes is in itself worth living.
So many of us lean on others to give us joy and suffer from disappointment when we are left alone. It is within ourselves we find solace from the Holy Spirit and he makes it possible to extend our hearts to the others we want in our lives.

I am not alone, someday I may be, so I want to learn now to draw on my inner joys to bring me peace. Beautiful music to play, inspiring words to read, (like Isaiah), and examples of nature around me, that makes me a more social and peaceful person.
Here is a new beautiful book I am looking at this weekend.

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