Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

   "Grandma, if you are coming to our house on Easter, how will we do our egg hunt at your house?"
   "Grandma, D. is really anxious about the fact that we are not coming to your house for an Easter egg hunt. How will we do that this year?"
    These questions came to me by phone several hours before we were due to Easter dinner at the Music Man's house this year. I had to reassure them that indeed we could do a hunt, even at their house.

                                                 Who is hiding here, Miss Maggie or the egg?

                              Finally, A. found one, after feeling like he would never get his own egg.

                                            Papa hid them in open view, if you had eyes to see.

                                         Some eggs became part of their natural environment.

                                                  The hiding master with his accomplice.

At last, all the eggs are found and all the children are happy that this tradition was not lost in the change of venue.

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