Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekend Breakfast

   I puttered around in my pajamas way to long this morning but that is fun once in a while. Breakfast was so visually appealing.

     Then on to make Hot-Cross Buns for Easter Dinner, minus the cross, with a little candied ginger and coconut.  They turned out great and I like the punch of the ginger.

   Lastly, before the day gets fully engaged, I gathered some spring blossoms for the table. I love my yard, unruly, even as it is.


  1. Those buns looks delicious :-p (is that ok to say here?)
    Gorgeous blossoms too, I love my yard too, could spend hours in it, even if it is just for cleaning it up!

    1. Thank-you, the buns are good and will soon be gone.


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