Monday, November 26, 2012

A Room With A View

I came across a picture taken from within the garden tomb and looking out. I (Click here) pinned it onto a board entitled "A Room With A View".  It made me look for other views from other rooms. The phrase comes from a book by E.M. Forster which promotes the idea that many people live in conservative, stifling rooms and they need a view to save them. I want to look at it differently. The room makes a huge difference in how we interpret the view. For example the garden tomb looks out onto a sunny morning with the hope of resurrection. No tomb, with all that comes with it, then no view, as a consequence.

   Here are two different views. The top is from my living room as I contemplate the changing season. Even from the comfort of my room, I see change as the ultimate blessing. Below is a picture taken by my friend, Sharie, in Lourdes, France. She has been on a pilgrimage, to expand the room she lives in for a long time. Here the view opens to three, evocative of the Godhead, with hope of Justice, Mercy, and continuing Revelation in the view. My interpretation, of course, not hers.

                               What rooms do you look out of and what views do you long to see?

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