Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book of Mormon Summer- Mosiah 18-23

    Sketching my way through the Book of Mormon has brought back to mind the complexities in the Book of Mosiah. This simple diagram, which you can get here, sorts out the storyline. I know Joseph Smith did not write this book because he would have simplified the plot in this section.

        I marveled at Ammon 1, different from Ammon 2, and his abilities to teach Limhi's people. Note that he taught them the teachings of King Benjamin, These sermons of "the mighty change of heart" had power to bring Limhi's people out of bondage. He must have memorized them and tried to live them.

    The "two escapes" are often taught as comparisons. I feel that limits the power of the message. Each escape from bondage is worthy because the pathway led them to God.

   I pray often that the Lord will aid my escape from issues in my life that bind me down and make me feel helpless. My troubles feel just as disabling as anyone else's and require as much petitioning to the Lord. There is no reason to compare, just to rejoice when the way is opened.
   Find more on my thoughts about this section, here.
 Here are 8X5 versions of my illustrations to copy.

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