Monday, August 26, 2013

Primary 5- Reviewing

    I am trying to review a little bit every week in Primary 5 (emerging readers, ages 7-9) class. The journals are essential for that reason. I posted about using journals in Primary, here. Our journals contain story prompts, scripture fill-ins, and visual reminders of lessons. I like to play Scripture Man every now and again to go through out journals and extract information.

    This game requires knowledge but luck is also a factor in winning. Here are the rules.
  1. Make a list of 10 questions which have one word answers. I play this as review but also to dig into a new block of scripture. 
  2. Assign each question a grid coordinate, i.e.; A-7, B-10, F-12
  3. Pass out the Scripture Man handout and have them fill out the grid with the little pictures. The coveted point is scripture man which they can only place once, worth 50 points. The dreaded points are the three bombs which would wipe out all the previous points they earn.
  4. I ask the question and they write down their answer. When all have answered I tell them that if they answered correctly they could have all the points on the coordinates which were assigned to that question. For example; you may have all the points assigned to the robot if you put it there on B-4.
  5. Then we go on to question number 2, and ect.
  6. After question 10 everyone adds up their points and the Scripture Man is rewarded, or just applauded.

      I am not afraid of carrying over this game from one week to the next if time is a factor. The benefit of carrying the game over from the last week is that review can start the lesson. So far, this game is a hit with teenagers and elementary aged children.
  The larger scripture man template is here.
The original scripture man template is here.

And, I thank-you for reading some of my mystery novel, Rubato. Judith, a piano teacher extraordinaire,  makes a decision which, upon reflection, changes the lives of others, not for the better.

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