Thursday, September 3, 2015


    So many things in my life say "yes". Yes, you are free to be slayed by the beauty in front of you, the beauty that lives around you. 

    Yes, the gourmet salad on your table is yours to relish. It has a short shelf life and a short season but here it is, for you to enjoy.

   In the back of my mind I remember the refugees fleeing across Europe. Waiting in lines, camping on floors with all they possess. Refugees are familiar to me and I have a compassion for them due to my family history. My family was forced to leave their home some sixty five years ago. I was nor yet born but I have heard the story all my life.

These are the words of my brother;

"The inevitable departure from Hirschberg in 1945 required a lot of careful planning by my parents. What would our destination be? How would we be transported? Would we have sufficient food and clothing for whatever the length of the journey would be? Since there were multiple checkpoints along the way, would we all be allowed to pass? What about our relatives, could they go with us, and if not, would they be safe? Would we ever see them again? "

These refugees will hear "no" many times before they find a new home.


  1. There are so many questions in life, aren't there? Beautiful post and beautiful photos. {I'm your neighbor at Five Minute Friday. Hi!}

  2. Oh Gabriele, my mind also, immediately, went to the Syrian refugees. I have no words.


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