Monday, January 23, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Abiding In The Nurture of The Lord

"It's about how you see your reflection in the person you are with."

Jamie and his partner, while off-duty, found themselves at a restaurant during an armed robbery. Ever prepared policemen, they subdued the thieves and restored order. Jamie's partner, Eadie, was hopeful that her boyfriend, who was with her at dinner, would be all right, perhaps even amazed at her abilities. Unfortunately, he found the incident totally unnerving and it was a deal breaker to their continuing relationship. She was hurt that he would react in this unfair way. Later, this profound statement explained her boyfriend's response.

"It's about how you see your reflection in the person you are with."

Eadie's boyfriend could only see his reflection in the incident. He was cowering under the table while the woman he was dating was saving lives. He could not abide in the relationship and be the man he confronted under the table.  

And, so it is sometimes, as we abide in the presence of the Lord. 

While studying the Book of Romans, I encountered this scripture,

Romans 3:10
10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

Looking at footnotes I found that these same words appeared in many other places, including in the Joseph Smith account of his vision. I was in a frame of mind to think God was trying to tell me something. I took it to him in prayer. "Am I good enough?" He let me sit in discomfort for many days. I monitored my reflection in Him. Yup! Not good enough. 

Then a thought came into my mind. I knew it was from the spirit. It was simple. "It is not about you!"
What? I went back to the scriptures and searched the context. It really was all about Jesus. It was about the essential act of atonement being the only way we can ever feel comfortable in the presence of God. His blood is enough to sanctify and make holy what is mortally flawed. 

So, I find it hard sometimes to abide in the nurture of the Lord. I find myself checking my reflection instead of basking in his power. His nurture is sweeter when I can look beyond my reflection and see Him more clearly. I wish to communicate this principle when I teach my family and others in the nurture of the Lord.

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  1. Lovely and through-provoking perspective. Thank you.


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