Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Whimsical Wednesday Writing- The Table

“There are times when wisdom cannot be found in the chambers of parliament or the halls of academia but at the unpretentious setting of the kitchen table.”
E.A. Bucchianeri 

Some tables are round, oblong, or rectangular, and I have had one of each. Our rectangle table was purchased by my daughter when she was still home. She felt we needed a nice table and I agreed enough to buy the chairs. This was not the table that had five little children around it but it does have grandchildren,  often enough to feel the sticky, tacky, hand prints of littles. 

     In the winter the eating area is the farthest away from the heat source. The living room can be 75 degrees but the kitchen table is barely reaching 65. So, we don't always eat at the table. I see that as a problem. The graciousness of having a meal together is often non-existent. I tried to solve the issue by placing beautiful placemats and dinnerware on the table early in the day. I wanted that to draw me to it. It worked at first, but the novelty died away. I eat less mindfully in a comfy chair in the living room. I put things in my mouth without tasting them. Then, I eat a little more because I am so comfortable and don't want to get up. It strikes me that traditions that require connection are often inconvenient. Choosing convenience casts a dimmer light on family closeness. I feel interested in choosing more wisely.

I am joining Ann Dee Ellis and other writers in using a prompt to record  memoir moments. If you don't write your story, who will?


  1. I love this. Especially the comment about mindful eating. I do eat more in a comfy chair in the living room.

  2. Thanks Ann Dee, and thank-you for giving us the encouragement to record our everyday lives.

  3. Found your blog from FMF and explored. Is this art at the bottom of the page (Write Your Story) original with you? I'm interested in memoir and may begin using the prompts. I love your art, wishing for your talent. Your blog title is intriguing since I am probably about your age.

  4. The green I see from every window (at least from the photos you've posted thus far) of your home makes me both happy and homesick.

    "...traditions that require connection are often inconvenient." I will chew on this for awhile.


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