Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Whimsical Wednesday Writings- How To Survive Illness

   My writing today is not really whimsical at all. I'm sick with the flu. Between chills there are flashes of sweating. I have a screeching cough and I just feel sorry for myself. Poor me! Here is a list of things to survive illness:
  • Don't watch depressing television where everyone's lives fall apart
  • Don't read books with complicated plots that expect you to remember who did what
  • Do open the windows and doors for a few minutes to change the air
  • If you drink 6-8 cups of herbal tea re-use the bags
  • Change your sheets
  • Think back on how efficient and amazing you are when you are well
  • Thank your friend when they offer to bring you more Tylenol and soup
  • Remember that nothing ever stays the same 

I am joining Ann Dee Ellis and other writers in using a prompt to record  memoir moments. If you don't write your story, who will?


  1. Sorry you're not feeling well- that's no fun. I like your tips and hope you feel better soon!

  2. Just catching up here, but I sure hope you are feeling better!


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