Monday, February 20, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Bringing Life To Your Practice

Oh, Spring! I want to go out and feel you and get inspiration. My old things seem dead. I want fresh contacts, more vital searching.
Emily Carr

February is giving me a great push to solidify my practice. Doing the same things each morning can become dry. It is natural to want a fresh experience at the same time wanting to continue the daily routine.

  My word for 2017 brings insight into my dilemma. Planting flowers is the first step to a beautiful garden. But soon the the blossoms fade and turn brown, the green leaves brown around the edges, and the plant cries out for more than just water. Give me nurturing care! Weeding and fertilizer perk up the plants and once again they look full and renewed.

 My practice needs the same care. Today was a holiday and I went to the gym late. The parking lot was burgeoning with cars. My recumbent bike was busy with a sweating gentleman and the neighboring bike was in use also. Goodbye, routine! What to do? I tried upstairs on the upright bike, but my knees did not like this change in exercise. The studio where I do yoga had a class, so that was out. Reflecting on this unforeseen attack on my daily practice, the value of what I usually do increased. To nurture sometimes means to alter the routine, thereby bringing attention to what we like and don't like.

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