Monday, February 27, 2017

Nurturing Monday- Can I Sustain My Practice?

It is my belief that if our actions that we take toward change are not sustainable over the long term they are doomed to failure. You need to look no further than most of the drastic New Years Eve resolutions you have ever made, to know I'm right.
From Michelle at Pen and Hive

My three goals for February have nurtured me. The daily scripture study has filled my mind with spiritual nourishment, the meditation allowed me to quiet my mind, and the yoga made my limbs more fluid. But, will I sustain them into March? 

   At the Athletic Club new friends encourage with smiles and cheerful greetings. A young couple come into the studio as I finish yoga and I am aware of their consistent exercise regime. They inspire me to be there everyday.
   I follow an Instagram account which divides the scriptures into chunks I can do in 20 minutes. They post what I should read and I try to read the comments after I've read the block of scripture.
  My trusty Insight Timer app keeps track of the minutes I meditate. I have to admit that I am motivated by the stars I get for milestone minutes. 

 I see a recurring theme. I stay on course when I have accountability to a group of people or strangers on an app. That seems to be the key to my sustainability. It is not a weakness that I need help. Oh, a word about missing a day now and then. It happens and it doesn't make me failure. Part of nurturing my practice is knowing that it is "practice". 

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  1. I'm stuck in being stuck on one thing that feels rote and rut-like and another I'm procrastinating for fear I won't succeed. I need to get unstuck. I applaud your unstuckness. :)


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