Monday, October 23, 2017

The Vulnerability of Having A Soft Front

In these 31 Days of October I am unpacking my learning from the book, Braving The Wilderness, by Brené Brown. She has been a favorite author for years. In this new publication she manages to build a sidewalk and curb in the wilderness where we can bravely tread.

Staying vulnerable with a soft front is a bit like being at sea. The shore is barely visible and all you care to do is grab hold of a life ring. The need for a strong back often includes an armored up front.
what are the rewards of staying vulnerable?

A soft and open front is not being weak; it's being brave, it's being the wilderness.

Yesterday in a teacher council I revealed to fellow teachers that I was having a difficult time holding my students to rules of behavior. I was teaching eight year olds who all need attention, at once. When they don't get attention they seek to disrupt and we all are held hostage to their behavior. 

   I have too much pride in my ability to teach and I felt like I couldn't see the answer across the water. Talking openly allowerd me to feel my commitment to these children. I heard myself express deep love for them and I realized my efforts were good. I could continue to show them my strong back, rules are necessary, and my soft front, I love you and want you to stay with me. 
Showing vulnerability helps others see you correctly, gives encouragement, and also gives you a glimpse of your own motivation which may stay obscured if you armor up to appear in control. 

"Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, joy, trust, intimacy, courage-everything that bring meaning to out life." 

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