Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pictures and Paragraphs

  Writing and making art are married in my life. Their union is young but they married in their older years. Writing was single and lived a solitary life for five decades. She lived in single family journals and diary apartments for one. When she met Making Art things sizzled. Without a painting or a photograph her words seemed lost on the page. But now writing had a focus, a reason for coming alive.

I am sharing posts with the label "Pictures and Paragraphs" to enable my readers to enjoy this union.

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  1. Dance
  2. Hold On But Let Go
  3. The Piano Lesson
  4. Weary
  5. A Farm Wedding
  6. Shh, Don't Tell Them


  1. This is so beautiful! I love the view of our different modes of creativity falling in love with each other and working together.

    1. Elizabeth Gilbert wondered if two creative loves could exist together but I love working with both of them.


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