Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Living With Art

   Seth Apter at  The Altered Page made an interesting point. When we show our art digitally we do a close up and we don't show how art surrounds us in our home. Long before I started creating my own art I found ways to acquire art locally in my community. I made friends with one artist who liked an idea we came upon. We called it Painting of the Month Club. I describe it here. Sometimes we acquired art as a trade of music lessons. When I look at those pieces I see the hours we made music together.

    Art does surround me at home. Now there are many pieces of my own. Looking like long lost cousins alongside the "real artists" I can't help but love them more.

    Seeing them in the studio is very close to having life parading before my eyes. Have you noticed that  when you create with your hands the life events of that time are stitched, sewn, or painted into each creation.

    These are the latest of mine. I call them the musical symbols collection. I hope my piano students notice them and see music as visual art.

   Living with art is vital to my life. I discovered that later in life but really it was in my sub-concious mind from birth. I have learned to see more, to see better with curiosity because of art on everyone's walls.

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  1. What a great post (another great post!)....I love the line, "the life events of that time are stitched, sewn, or painted into each creation"....that's how I feel with every scrapbook page, or embroidery or quilt or painting I create.....love your latest art pieces, especially the 'read between the lines' one - there's so much movement in it, with the contrast between the muted background colours and the more vibrant colours of the text block. I love how you can see, in the work, how much joy making them gives you! [On a side note: your 'Oh what a beautiful day' banner has inspired me to actually make firm plans to make the banner I've been thinking of making, to hang above my office door].


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