Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Letter From Curiosity

    Curiosity is my flaky friend. She is beautiful and creative and such a fun date. But,….she is a bit flaky. My creative self needs her by my side but I have to reign her in and show her my strong boundaries. She is often miffed at our relationship.

                                    Letter from Curiosity

Hello Adventurer,
    Boy, I have got some great ideas for you. Don't you want to know what I just figured out? Is this a good time to bother you? Sure it is! Showing you the next great thing since hot pockets is important. Speaking of hot pockets, I wonder what is for lunch? You have been writing a long time so take a break. Do you want to see in my backpack? What is in yours? Whoa! New markers! I wonder what they are like. Shall we make a drawing for your blog? Who else uses photos on their blogs. Let's look! Wow! She has nice photos. I wonder if she takes photography class. That might be fun. What? Get lost? You are writing? What is up with that? Please, please stay with me.
   You disappoint me,

                  "Curiosity has no stake in the real world."
                                        Elizabeth Gilbert


  1. Cute! What an honest and whimsical way to view curiosity--as a distraction focusing on the trite and obsessed with the novel (new and different, as opposed to the kind one writes and reads). Ah, curiosity...it's true she may distract me from my noble goals, but I do so love her, as she leads me to discover new things that often make my life richer because I tried something and stretched myself or found the answer to a troubling question. It's good to remember how she can lead us astray, that flaky friend, but I hope you continue to enjoy her good traits. :)

    1. Thank-you, Ann, for joining me in my personification exercise. It does feel weird to out curiosity when she has so many fine traits. I will definitely give her boundaries.
      Somehow your comment posted twice so I deleted the second repeat.

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  3. Oh, Gabriele, I love this! She's definitely like this, isn't she? I think us creative types definitely have to learn to reign her in (without constricting her too much)...


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