Friday, August 31, 2012

Back To True North

      We are back on the road again, starting a new book, and heading north in the direction of true home. I am a little blue to leave my family in Phoenix, missing already the soft cheeks of those little girls. We are praying that the plans to move north on their part will indeed come to fruition in 2013. Gaby, the baby who waited a few days too long for me to meet her last February, was delightful.

 Her eyes are so eager and bright when she looks into my face. She has a positive view of her little life so far. Her sister, Emma, has a rich and full inner life already at age two. She is inquisitive and ready to engage in every adventure. 

     She reflects her Mommy's cheerfulness and her sentences end with a slight higher pitch. I will hear her voice in my head for days to come.
  P.G. Wodehouse is on the speakers as we head to Los Angeles. This makes Mark smile and frequently chuckle. I will most likely start my next Louise Penny book. Finished "The Brutal Telling" last night and the next book will continue the case of the Hermit who I believe was not murdered by Olivier. Gamache is going to have to put things right as he continues searching for the true killer. 
  The best view out the window was energy valley around the Palm Springs area. 

                          I love the miles and miles of wind being harnessed into electricity. Tomorrow we stop to see the last family, Mark's sister, Tammie. Our seventeen day pilgrimage is almost at an end.

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