Saturday, December 3, 2016

Day 3- Prince of Peace


If he is the prince, who is the king of peace?

Who reigns over him? I believe it it his Father, our Heavenly Father. In the Gospel of John, Jesus defers to his father countless times. He sent him, he prays to him, he is an intercessory between mankind and his Father. His counter part is the Prince of Darkness. (John 14:30) He offers no peace, but only power to influence us towards accepting his darkness. In this season of lights why would we choose darkness over light and peace?

What peace does he offer? 

I believe the greatest peace he offers is that through his atonement we are not lost and separated from his Father. He provides access to his Father through covenant. We can pray to the Father only because we have his son, the Prince of Peace to advocate for us. Does this bring peace of mind? I believe much more than that. It is a promise of peace between our Father in Heaven and his children. We are no longer separated from Him because we have the Prince of Peace to be our buckler. 

Isaiah 54:13
"And all they children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children."

How has he been a prince of peace in your life?

He has tempered me in my relationships to others, especially my family. He has provided a golden thread for me to wind around my heart to keep me from despair. Despair lives on the edges of my mind and just casting my mind upon Him eases that wild nothingness and provides a foothold for me to continue my climb upward.


There are twenty-four names of Christ and twenty-four days until Christmas. Check back here to find the contents page of this series.

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