Thursday, October 29, 2015

Key Learnings For Me

I am joining Kate Motaung and others who are writing every day in October. My intention is to record my reactions and feelings about Brené Brown's newest book, "Rising Strong". You can find the other posts I have written here. 

  Wow, only two more days after this. I am so happy that I picked reviewing Rising Strong as my 31 Day writing challenge. Writing ahead was one strategy I used in the first week of October but as I worked throughout the middle of October I found myself writing completely new posts. The concepts I embraced at the beginning of the month morphed into new and deeper understanding. Sometimes I would ask The Spirit if what I was seeing was right in the eternal perspective. Jumping on the band wagon with a self-help book author is not normal fair in my life. These books have been read and re-read for the last three years. Tomorrow I will describe how I found Brené Brown and one special experience with her.

" Our vision is that we can rise from our experiences of hurt and struggle in a way that allows us to live more wholehearted lives."

The most impacting sections in this book for me were:

  • coming to understand the emotional barriers I throw in front of myself to avoid pain
  • writing "stormy first drafts" of stories I was curious about
  • looking for truth and confabulations in the stories I recorded
  • letting the key learnings settle on the delta between truth and errors in judgement
  • rumbling with facts and fiction that haven't resolved
  • hoping that I can have better endings to some broken-hearted stories
  By now my family is tuned into words that sound like quotes from her book. They grimace when I analyze a situation using Brené vocabulary. But, they agree that she has offered us some understanding how to navigate through muddy water. Her writing does not replace the eternal truths I know from being a disciple of Christ, they provide understanding of how to fully open my heart his teachings.


  1. Very useful summary, Gabriele....loved your last line. (So sorry have *still* not sent you the email; I've not touched my laptop this week as I've had back-to-back meetings for some new contracts for my business...have *not* forgotten...!)

    1. No worries, Helen thanks for being around.

  2. I have really enjoyed your reflections from the book- they have made me think a lot- and I love how you have explored how the ideas in the book relate to the Bible and living as a Christian,

    1. Applying the gospel of Jesus Christ is really important to me. Thanks for seeing the value in that pursuit.

  3. The more I've read this series, the more common ground I seem to have with you. I found Brene's work about 3 years ago too, and, like you, don't use her work to supersede God's truth but as a tool He provides to help my understanding and learn personal application. As our ministry involves working with men in recovery, I've also been able to apply her work to our ministry too. She is so relatable. As has your series been. Well done, Gabriele. And thank you!

    1. Are you considering doing the "Living Brave" online class in January?


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