Friday, October 2, 2015

Rising Strong? From What?

        In writing everyday about this book by Brené Brown I don't intend to give the Cliff Notes.  I simply intend to respond so that what I am learning and have already learned will fully distill upon my soul. Please, take the time and read it for yourself! 

     What is Rising Strong about? For me it is about searching to become wholehearted and failing.  It is about going into the darkness again knowing more about what I am not. It is about being more humble in my own weakness, not rejecting my weakness but seeing what it can teach me.

"The irony is that we disown our difficult stories to appear more whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness- even our wholeheartedness- actually depends on the integration of all our experiences."
Brené Brown

I think about the rich young man who came to Jesus and asked what more he could do to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus saw his weakness. He saw all that the young man clutched to his heart. "Go and sell all that thou hast and follow me." What? Darkness must have flooded his view. Who would he be if he gave all of his identity away? Wasn't he offering a whole package to Jesus? Wasn't he a big deal to offer to do more? He went away sorrowing. The account doesn't say what happened later. I would like to believe he made a comeback. Perhaps he was able to rise stronger when he grappled with his lack of wholeheartedness. Perhaps he came again, more humble and wise to ask Jesus to forgive him for turning away. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot be wholehearted without his power. In asking him for strength I also believe he needs me to be more curious about what I lack.

I am joining Kate Motaung and others who are writing every day in October. My intention is to record my reactions and feelings about Brené Brown's newest book, "Rising Strong". You can find the other posts I have written here.


  1. We've been away all week and it has completely discombobulated me with the write31days series I wanted to follow so I'm glad you stopped by my site today. Love Brene Brown and your last statement was my real take away of this post: "In asking him for strength I also believe he needs me to be more curious about what I lack." So true. I would have completely missed that so thank you!

    1. That you Debbie. I am enjoying your daily writing, too.

  2. Definitely agree that our weaknesses shouldn't be rejected but should be looked to in order to see what they can teach us (I think, actually, by doing this intuitively this has what has got me through the whole 'mess': by looking inward and seeing what I did to contribute to it, I've been able to own my part in it and grow, knowing that I need to change certain things about myself so that the past does not repeat itself. It's been a difficult, but very important, lesson). [I also believe that he made a comeback]. Loving your posts, Gabriele....Helen xx


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