Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Is Like

31 Days of Writing in October 

As adults we never stop learning and there are many life skills we already have that make learning more accessible.


October 1-

Likening one thing to another illuminates and separates. 

As I write this statement I feel the burden of explaining how that can be. 

I could tell you about how I wrote a novel and that might interest you but if I compare and liken it to my experiences learning to knit it could help you understand the inner process of learning with more clarity. 

Writing and knitting are more the same than different. It could also pull more people into my story. Is it safe to say more of you have tried knitting compared to writing a novel? No? Then I am overjoyed that so many writers are out there typing away and providing me with new and interesting stories. 

That aside; as I compare these two escapades you will hopefully see how I came to try them, struggled to learn some skills, and eventually came to embrace them as life long pursuits.

These posts will be short and sweet. 
Day 2
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  1. I know the basics of knitting and I have only dabbled briefly in trying to write a novel, but I'm sure I will learn a lot from your insights. It will be interesting to see how the two things compare.


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